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When you invest in a membership, you want to get the most for your dollar. Knowing how to use the equipment correctly, safely, and to its full potential, is the difference between time and money wasted, and a strong, healthy body. Our certified Personal Training staff can help you achieve the results you desire, by either designing an entire training program for you, or, by showing you new and exciting ways to challenge your body.

Still not sure if Personal Training is for you? Then try our Fitness Assessment. It's not a personal training session, but a one-hour comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle consultation with one of our qualified Fitness Consultants. It is designed to determine where you are starting from, where you wish to progress to, how best to get there, and how we can help you achieve these goals.


Our Team
MARK KOIVULA Personal Trainer Specialist/Health & Wellness Specialist
Mark has been personal training and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for 10 years. With a focus on high intensity and full body workouts, Mark will help you develop and maintain an effective and challenging workout to suit your specific goals. With an active lifestyle that includes participation in competitive and recreational sports, Mark demonstrates the energy and enthusiasm, that is necessary to live healthy and strong. Mark has experience in training for marathons, sport specific training for curling and golf, and has helped numerous clients achieve their greatest fitness results of their lives.
JOHN GALBRAITH Certified Personal Trainer/Can Fit Pro
"John's work is about transformation. He motivates you to work hard and you have fun doing it. John combines solid technical expertise and a focus on the mind-body connection with a calm and supportive manner. He facilitates real, positive change for your body and sense of self. John enables you to surpass goals that once seemed unattainable." - S. Campbell. A certified trainer and nutritionist, John has helped transform lives for over a decade. His efficient, energizing workouts, and simple delicious meal plans, are personalized for your success. John knows what works for you.
DIMITRI PETINAKIS Certified Personal Trainer/Can Fit Pro
With foundations in Olympic weightlifting and power-lifting, Dimitri is no stranger to the athletic end of the spectrum and all things surrounding it. Injury prevention, mobility, soft tissue work, training longevity and nutrition, are all strongly emphasized. For one to be successful in any physiological endeavor it has to become a lifestyle that can be sustainable. This is a marathon, not a sprint. "The objective is to undo the unnecessary physical degradation of daily life, and to not only perform, but also to look like an athlete" - Dimitri
MELANIE TIDY Personal Training Specialist
Exercise and fitness has always been an integral part of life for Melanie. She is inspired by the transformation that personal training brings to all aspects of life including injury recovery which she has experienced firsthand. Whatever your fitness goals, Melanie will help you be the best you can be.
JOHN HAN Certified Personal Trainer C.P.T.N.
With over 18 years of personal training experience, from working with competitive athletes, extreme weight loss clients, and women looking to get back into shape after child birth. He has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Having completed two Ironman competitions, he has had to break down old beliefs and mental limitations. If mind, body and soul training, and the desire to work out in new ways in order to reach your goals, sounds like something you would enjoy - speak to John! He'll get you where you want to be...mentally, and physically!
PRISCILLA HRISTOVA Registered Holistic Nutritional
I'm Priscilla, Holistic Nutritionist + Wellness Consultant. I am a foodie. I love to cook easy-to-prepare meals with fresh ingredients food that both tastes great and provides you with the best nutritional benefits. My approach to nutrition is holistic; we look at all aspects of a person's past and current lifestyle to determine how we should proceed with a personalized plan. I specialize in weight loss, hormonal imbalances, headaches/migraines, fatigue, as well as depression/anxiety.
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