Personal Training
When you invest in a membership, you want to get the most for your dollar. Knowing how to use the equipment correctly, safely, and to its full potential, is the difference between time and money wasted, and a strong, healthy body. Our certified Personal Training staff can help you achieve the results you desire, by either designing an entire training program for you, or, by showing you new and exciting ways to challenge your body.

Still not sure if Personal Training is for you? Then try our Fitness Assessment. It's not a personal training session, but a one-hour comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle consultation with one of our qualified Fitness Consultants. It is designed to determine where you are starting from, where you wish to progress to, how best to get there, and how we can help you achieve these goals. CONTACT US TODAY! >>
Our Team
John Galbraith
John is all about transformation. Combining solid technical expertise with a focus on the mind-muscle connection, he motivates his clients to work hard, all while having fun doing it. Facilitating positive change for your body and sense of self, John enables you to surpass your goals that once seemed unattainable.
Mark Koivula
Mark provides successful training to people of every age and ability. With experience in training for marathon running, as well as weight training and stretching to improve quality of life, he can provide you with every type of training you are looking for in order to achieve your goals.
Amelia Legarde
Amelia has a great appreciation for health and wellness and is eager to assist those ready to make a positive change in their lives. She will create practical exercise programs tailored to meet your goals with focus on proper technique and breathing. Her routines will increase your overall strength and flexibility, which will improve your balance and coordination while helping to relieve stress and make your everyday chores and tasks effortless.
Kim Gamelin
Kim's goal is to help people get and stay motivated. Her caring and uplifting personality, along with her own personal experience and training techniques, help people obtain noticeable results. If you're new to training or if your program is in need of an overhaul, she would love to help you turn your "I can't do that" into "Maybe I can do that!"
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